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Research DUR-CP


Durum Coordinated Project (DUR-CP)

Durum Coordinated Project Committee  Members as of 1/1/24
Chair, Andrew Friskop, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota
Elias Elias, North Dakota State University, Fargo, North Dakota
Greg Viers, Barilla America Inc., Ames, IA

Program Description:

The Durum Coordinated Project's (DUR-CP) main objective is to develop FHB resistant durum wheat germplasm (lines/cultivars) with low DON levels, good agronomic traits, and good quality traits that will serve the producers, the domestic pasta industry, and the international export market. Reducing the impact of FHB requires a multidisciplinary effort and therefore the CP includes research conducted by plant breeders, pathologists, geneticists, agronomists and other individuals working in FHB management. The CP also has representation from stakeholders such as durum producers, millers, and pasta manufacturers. The Durum CP is organized around goals outlined in the Varienty Development and Host Resistance (VDHR) and FHB Management (MGMT) sections of the USWBSI Action Plan.


Summary of Funding
  FY22 (2022-23) FY23 (2023-24)
Number of Projects: 11 11
Number of PIs: 10 10
Total Award Amount: $573,604 $657,326*
% of Total Funding: 6.63% 7.59%
Research Projects: FY22 FY23
*Received Equipment Request Funding


Research Reports